How to Get your HR Department started on the Right Foot This New Year

Many companies struggle throughout the year because they lack strategies to approach HR issues effectively. However, with the right plans set in place, these issues can very easily be avoided and the business can enjoy a higher return.

What then is the secret behind business success? Experts in this field have cited a qualified human resource department as the main force behind a number of businesses’ success. As such, it is important to start the financial year of any business with set resolutions, especially when it comes to your HR department.

Whilst most businesses tend to focus their new year’s plans around increasing sales, they should instead pay attention to their staff management. This is because managing staff well ensures smooth operation and a lower staff turnover rate throughout the year.

A strong HR department is also likely to lead to the recruitment of qualified and enthusiastic personnel for all tasks in the organization. This is why you need to ensure that you do not neglect it.

What plans should I put in place for HR?

You may be wondering how you should form plans when comes to your HR department. It’s not easy for small businesses to see where they could be making changes and improving their HR departments. Outlined below are several tips on how to get your HR department started on the right foot this New Year.

Look at your training schedule

To begin with, work on your training calendar. In most niche industries, there is a requirement for training, and indeed refresher training for staff undertaking qualified roles within the company. Definitely also look into the other types of training that you can implement to improve your organization in other areas.  Some of these can include training on company rules and policies, or safety and sexual harassment, perhaps even customer care or conflict management course would help benefit the company. You should start by reviewing the results of the previous year’s training and match them to those of the New Year.

Also, conduct a license and certification check: If you want to avoid being fined due to lapse of certificates and licenses, ensure that you conduct a full check. You should also make the effort to keep a calendar showing all the expiry dates for different certificates and licenses and circulating the calendar amongst your staff.

Promote an open door policy

Speak to all employees on a one to one at the start of the year to find out how their role within the company fits and whether they are happy in their role. January is often a good time to do this as many companies have a little downtime. Make any necessary changes that may be needed on the side of the employees and look at the worker’s compensation to find out whether it is up to date.

Check Policies

New Year is a great time to review policies that may have become outdated. Look at any HR issues you’ve had throughout the year and put together policies to stop this happening again.

Look forward for growth

It’s important to have a clear recruitment strategy in place for growth, in case your business sees a big upturn in clients. Having the ability to choose from CVs you’ve received, or being able to use LinkedIn to find employees is a great way to be prepared for what’s to come.

Make the necessary changes early enough so that you can allow smooth transition into the New Year and you’ll have a great HR department for 2015.

Written by Hubert Dwight – Guest Writer


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