The Importance of Being A Leader

Over the years Quay Appointments have interviewed and successfully placed numerous candidates. Many of whom were managers or leaders at the time and many more subsequently becoming one. Hence when we came across this article from Recruitment Extra, we knew we just had to bring it to you.

Leadership is the art of understanding the needs of others and guiding them to achieve common goals. To do so, you need to communicate effectively and inspire people to work as a team. Being a confident leader can lead to a variety of opportunities and benefits. “Engaging the emotions of consultants is critical to winning their commitment to company goals and inspiring them to succeed”.

Here are some tips from an article by Recruitment Extra that present some points of interest that will ensure a confident outlook towards your leadership:

• Use emotions more frequently;
• Set some challenging goals;
• Create a vision of where you want to be, where you want your team to be and where you want your organisation to be;
• Communicate, communicate, communicate – consistently, constantly and clearly;
• Delegate to develop others;
• Coach others;
• Involve others in your decision making process;
• Set expectations of innovation in your organisation;
• Live the values of your organisation, or the values that you want to have lived in your team, project or group; and
• Decide what you’re going to stop, start or change – today – to become more inspiring.

For more information and helpful tips, read the article from Recruitment Extra at

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