Heidi Livingston

Heidi Livingston

Executive Director

A proven force in recruiting, I have been with Quay Appointments since inception. With over 28 years recruitment experience including 20 years of Project Management
and NSW State Government experience.

Over the years my position(s) have required me to recruit, train, manage and mentor teams who are responsible for delivering recruitment services to Quay Clients.

Reporting to the Managing Director, I am responsible for the operational aspects of the business. I have extensive knowledge of recruitment industry best practices, workforce management, business processes, legislation, awards, and safe work practices.

My extensive recruitment and management experience, together with my knowledge and passion for the recruitment industry are highly valued by Quay’s customers, contractors and

I have enjoyed the highs and lows of recruitment. I have cried, cursed, loved, and laughed. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some the industry’s best recruiters and I have spent my career placing people and changing the lives of thousands.

It’s been an absolute privilege working as a “Recruiter” at Quay Appointments. I do not think there would be many recruiters who could say they have worked for the one employer their entire recruitment career. Love Quay!