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Mental health

Stress & Mental Health: When was your last Check up?

As a Leadership Consultant & Coach, I am always hearing about the Stress we are all under. While the term Stress is nothing new the frequency of which the term is being used at every level within the organisation is certainly on the rise! Stress-related illness costs the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year in […]

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How to avoid employing a workplace bully ?

At Quay Appointments’ last networking seminar last week, Keryl Egan clinical psychologist and Joseph Catanzariti vice president of the fair work commission presented on how to manage Workplace Bullying. The seminar provided a unique psychological and a legal perspective on this difficult to manage problem. Keryl and Joseph are the co-authors of the book workplace […]

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Absenteeism in the Australian Workplace

Absenteeism is an issue that affects businesses all across Australia and while some level of absence is inevitable due to unforeseen, unfortunate life events, there appears to be an alarming ‘entitlement culture’ within the country when it comes to taking leave from work. This infographic by payroll and contractor management company Ayers investigates the scale […]

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How to Work less and Play Harder

A recent presentation by Dermot Crowley at the Quay Appointments Breakfast Seminar got me thinking about productivity. There is a lot of information around the internet regarding productivity in the work place. I read an article somewhere that said that the future of the work force is based on a work life balance. Essentially in […]

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