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How can you make your LinkedIn profile appealing to hiring managers?

    How can you make your LinkedIn profile appealing to hiring managers?   LinkedIn is a must when looking for job opportunities. There is no doubt about it anymore. Either you are an active or passive candidate, hence why I strongly recommend you make your LinkedIn Profile active. What do I mean by that? […]

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Common interview mistakes & how to avoid them!

    Common interview mistakes & how to avoid them!   Congratulations, you’ve impressed with your application and landed a job interview. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, when it comes to job interviews it’s surprisingly easy to trip yourself up. Interviews are often the first chance you get to […]

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Reasons You Are Not Getting the Job

One of the toughest things about job searching is when you don’t get a job. It’s always demoralising and disturbing when you don’t know the exact reason of why is it not working out for you. Despite the fact you have a great CV, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and on top of everything you […]

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2 Resume Mistakes… Are you guilty?

There’s tremendous benefit to using simplicity in writing when it comes to cover letters and resumes. What do I mean by simplicity in writing? Writing that reflects the way you would speak naturally, while remaining professional. Turn-Off #1: Big Words I prefer a common one-syllable word to a multi-syllable word (for example, “use” instead of […]

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A ‘CV’ or a ‘Resume’ – What do they really want?

For many years the recruitment industry specifically requested a resume to be submitted when applying for a position. The trend has started to change and depending on the agency, the recruiter or the individual writing the advert, you will be asking for a resume or CV. This is where the confusion starts. So what are […]

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Your Resume is an Essential Marketing Tool – Recruitment Extra

Many experienced Australian company executives commit basic blunders when submitting their resumes for a job application, according to John Mills, Director of Executive Search and Selection at Vincents Chartered Accountants. Mills said applicants for executive positions were often guilty of providing inadequate details in their resumes and making simple grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. “Many […]

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