How to Attract and Keep the Best-of-the-Best Employees

According to Leah Gibbs, if you want to keep the best of the best; the quality employees who are highly skilled, productive and committed to working for you, then you have to stand out. This is an ongoing relationship that if you nurture and value it, will do more than just get the work done, it will build your brand and attract more clients as well. Yes, it’s true, how you care for your employees directly impacts your bottom line!

Now here is the crux of it: People stay because they are happy and feel valued, people leave because they don’t. Simple.

So you want to attract and keep the quality employees and create more profits for your company? Then becoming a phenomenal leader is your first priority and here are a few things you can do:

1. Recognise their work and contribution to your company
2. Listen to them!
3. Create opportunities for growth, development and new experiences
4. Get perky (Gym memberships, salary packaging, social events (drinks nights), charity events, discounts on health insurance, flexible working hours, work from home opportunities, discounts on childcare or parking).

If at the very least you do the first 2, you are doing more than many companies out there, but if you can manage all 4 and more, then you’re a mile ahead of the pack!

For more information and tips, read the article from Your Balance.

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