Travelling Australia?

I know when you get into Australia it can be daunting and hard to balance working, travelling and having fun…which is ultimately the reason that you left home for. It is important to understand the restrictions of your visa and make sure that you are playing within the rules. I know playing to the rules sounds boring but if you want to make sure that you next visa gets approved it really is important.
There are a number of clauses and catches within the boundaries of your visa but the main thing is to remember:

You can only work for one employer for a total of 6 months

The clauses and catches:

1. Your 3 months regional work does not have to be back breaking banana picking. You could work in construction or even ride horses on a cattle farm. Regional does not have to be way out in the middle of nowhere believe it or not Magnetic Island and Airlie Beach are considered regional areas. My tip – think outside of the box when looking for your work.

2. If you complete your 3 months regional work you can apply for an additional year on your visa. This means that you can go back to an employer and work for them for an additional 6 months.

3. If you are working for an agency you can work for that agency for your entire time in Australia. The employer is considered the end user or the company you are directly working for. As long as the agency can place you at a different company as frequently as needed you are working within the boundaries of your visa.

4. Work counts as any full time, part time, casual shift or voluntary work.

For more information on working holiday visas make sure you check out the official immi website

My personal tip – take advantage of being on a working holiday visa – push yourself to take on a regional job you would never have done at home, live like a local and find out what Australia is really all about and go home with some amazing stories to tell the family and friends. Having a random off the wall job on your resume is also a great talking point with an interviewer.

So tell me why was it you worked in a crocodile farm in Northern Territory, Australia for 3 months?

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