What is your Dream Job?

In our lifetime apparently we will work around 90,000 hours. That is a lot of time to spend doing something you are not passionate about.

When I was researching this article I read something that said:

“Would you do this for free? If so you’re on the right track”

Now I am not sure there are many people that would do much for free but I think you get the point. I started thinking about what other peoples dream job would be. I searched the globe doing my research (well I googled, but it is the World Wide Web).

The top dream jobs in the UK are

  1. Pilot
  2. Charity Worker
  3. Writer
  4. Photographer
  5. Musician or singer
  6. Sports Coach
  7. Formula 1, Moto GP or Rally Driver
  8. Actor
  9. Journalist
  10. Artist

In the USA:

  1. Actor
  2. Baker
  3. Bed and Breakfast Owner
  4. Brew Maker
  5. Chocolatiers
  6. Dog Day Care Owner
  7. Fashion Buyer/Designer
  8. Hotel Manager
  9. Interior Designer
  10. Music Producer

In the Quay Appointments office:

  1. Accountant
  2. Safari Vet
  3. Helicopter ski instructor
  4. Gaming tester for FIFA
  5. Playing international Rugby
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. Singer
  8. Property Developer
  9. Chef
  10. Professional beach bum

According to the Australian Tourist Board the best jobs in the world are right here in Australia.

  1. Park Ranger – QLD
  2. Outback Adventurer – NT
  3. Taste Master – WA
  4. Lifestyle Photographer – VIC
  5. Chief Funster – NSW
  6. Wildlife Caretaker – SA
  7. Tassie Devil Wrangler – TAS

I started thinking about the strange jobs that you could get paid to do. You know the type of job that would really be a conversational starter at a party. A show stopper. Have a look at some of the jobs below that I found.

Panda Caretaker – $32,000 + meals, transit and accommodation

               Cuddle and car for pandas 365 days a year. You will need to be over 22 years of age, have basic knowledge of pandas, good writing and photography skills.

Waterslide Tester – $30,904 + Travel expenses, 7 day all expenses paid holiday for 2 people and 6 month contract.

               Asses waterslide features including adrenaline factor and biggest splash.

Luxury Bed Tester – $1,600 – 1 month contract

               Sleep on different beds every night and blog about your experience.

Chocolate Taster – $30,000 raising to six figures with experience.

               Inspect chocolates for aesthetic appeal, smell and taste.

Golf Ball Diver – $30-100,000 depending on amount of dives conducted.

               Dive into Lakes, pools and rivers and get golf balls. Must have own equipment.

Dog Food Tester – $34-117,000

               Evaluate nutritional value of pet food and taste test it. Must be an innovative thinker for creation of future recipe’s.

Worm Picker – $17-44,000

               Collect earthworms to use as fish bait. Source, pick and sort for packing. Must be an early riser.

Not sure all of these would be on my dream job list but some would be fun to do for a day. What would your dream job be?

 – Written by Deasha Waddup

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