Spookey Halloween at our office

At Quay Appointments we will use any excuse to get dressed up and have some fun together. Last week was Halloween.
Emails were circulated around the office about the celebrations throughout the week. Articles about food ideas and Halloween costumes were sent to encourage the team to participate and get creative.
We ran a best dressed competition and there were pirates, blues brothers, witches and devils walking around the office. The winner of best dressed was Toni the pirate.

Happy halloween Awarded best dressed Team fancy dress

We had fun with themed food that people brought in; Spider olives, jellied snakes and lots and lots of sweets. We had halloween music to help with the atmosphere and the Blues Brothers even performed a short sing and dance.

Olive spiders Food

We had a great day but there are sometimes some issues with celebrating Halloween at work. I found an article by USNews that showed some of the do nots to avoid at work during the Halloween period.
5 “do nots” at the office Halloween party:

  1. Do not dress inappropriately. It is great to get dressed up but try to go for the well covered devil rather than the one saved for a Saturday night out.
  2. Assume. Just because you have children that you can duck out early to take them trick or treating. Make sure you check with your management and colleagues. You don’t want to leave them with your workload.
  3. Bring games to work. Some people may not appreciate the childhood games that you associate with Halloween. Stick to festive food.
  4. Ditch your work. It is great to celebrate but don’t forget what you are really there to do and that is to work. Make sure you have everything done that you need to before you start the celebrations. We usually start about 4.30pm as this gives people time to finish everything before the celebrations start.
  5. Be a scrooge. If the office is celebrating then celebrate with them. Make sure you get involved, you may even enjoy yourself and make some new friends at work.

blues brothers in the office Pirates working hard Witches making olives

– Written by Deasha Waddup

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