Being an Intern at Quay

Hi there,

My name is Vera Hinkelmann. I am from Germany and study Psychology in the UK, but this summer – or winter for the Australians 😉 – I am interning at Quay Appointments’ city office in the Sydney CBD.

In general, doing an internship in HR is a great opportunity for me to figure out what a career in recruitment could look like and to test first-hand how much I enjoy it. Not to mention, it provides me with relevant work experience that will be helpful when I apply for jobs – a reality that every student has to face eventually.

More specifically, I am happy that I get to do my internship here at Quay Appointments, because the company as well as the whole international internship experience is giving me the opportunity to experience a serious but also enjoyable role. I can assist people with getting a job they will like and be suited for; furthermore, I get to work with motivated, hardworking colleagues in the centre of an amazing metropole.

If you are considering doing an internship here now, let me tell you how I experienced work life at Quay. In contrast to the quite horrifying stories of other interns, who do not have any work or are not trusted with anything but the simplest tasks; the work I get to do here is actually very similar to what some of my younger colleagues do, which is how an internship should be.

The workload is also not too little; and neither too much – most of the time anyway.

For someone who has lived in the UK, the Australian winters are mildly cold – much like British summers. Here at Quay, most people at the office seem to be from various parts of the UK and Ireland, so the accents I hear are quite familiar too. In combination with the news featuring an unexpectedly large amount of UK matters and celebrities; it sometimes seems as if I never left the UK.

When I spend my weekends exploring Sydney with all the stunning beaches and see the surroundings’ fascinating nature and unique animals, it is quite clear how different and special Australia is; in my opinion: definitely worth a visit!


By Vera Hinkelmann, Intern at Quay Appointments

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