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Working with Passion

” I love my job I absolutely enjoy what I am doing. What else can you wish for than a good job? A job which is a passion at the same time? I have a very good reason to wake up in the morning.” Hearing this feedback from a previous candidate was breath-taking. Every recruiter’s […]


What are the market salary trends?

  It’s the question on everyone’s mind. What is the market like? Am I being paid appropriately? I’m here to tell you, with the information readily accessible today, both of those questions can be answered. The first question, what is the market like? I could tell you what the unemployment rates are in Australia or […]

Bog Post

“Do you have any questions?”

You’ve reached the final stage: your CV was selected among many other applicants, you conquered the telephone screen and now, here you are, sitting in front of the interviewer, talking confidently about your skills and major achievements when then, all of a sudden you’re asked: ”Do you have any questions?”. A job interview should be […]