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What Type Of Candidate Are You?

Have you ever taken a personality test? I know that after I take one, I’m naturally intrigued by my results and will read everything about what it reveals. I’ve always been really interested in these type of tests and wondered how my personality traits would influence my choice in pursuing a compatible career. Most people […]


Resume Tips To Secure Your Dream Job

  The best piece of advice I’ve ever received regarding a resume is, ‘consider your resume like your passport, it is your pass to getting that job you’re seeking.’ This advice was given to me by Quay Appointments Operations Manager, Philip Divilly. You would want your resume to be a reflection of yourself and to be […]


Working with Passion

” I love my job I absolutely enjoy what I am doing. What else can you wish for than a good job? A job which is a passion at the same time? I have a very good reason to wake up in the morning.” Hearing this feedback from a previous candidate was breath-taking. Every recruiter’s […]