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Recruitment in IT: How to stand out among thousands of great candidates

According to the 2018 Australia’s Digital Pulse report by Deloitte, Australia’s ICT workforce will grow to more than 750,000 professionals and over 3 million Aussies will be employed in jobs with ICT functions or integrations by 2023. That projection is very much possible with what we are seeing today in the ICT and tech industry. […]


AU Employment Recovery: An Uphill Battle for Recruiters

Employment in Australia is seeing better days with jobs being recovered or reinstated. According to the latest figures on Australia’s labour force report released in January, nearly 13 million people are employed while more than 875,000 are not by January 21. Those numbers represent a 6.4% decrease in unemployment and 8.1% decrease in underemployment. Things […]


Significant Candidate Concerns and How to Address Them

According to the latest Labour Force report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate increased to 6.9% in September 2020 meaning there are nearly a million people jobless. Unemployment itself is just one of the top concerns among candidates today in Australia. Moving forward, millions of candidates fear employment uncertainties. Job Security We can’t blame […]


Multitasking: Does it Work?

Right off the bat, does multitasking make you more productive? It is impossible to come up with a definitive answer to this question. According to a long line of research, multitasking mostly leads to poor results or performances. Yet we continue to see multitasking as a key skill for many job candidates and one that […]


Finding Value in Job Rejection

No matter how resilient and optimistic you are, hearing ‘no’ over and over again when you are on the job hunt is tough. ‘Am I not good enough?’ ‘Is there something wrong with my resume?’ ‘Did I say something wrong during the interview?’ ‘I really thought it would go the distance.’ It will, you just […]