How to keep your contractor motivated?



Recognising your contractors for their talents and skills and what they can bring to a business, has a serious motivating effect which can be contagious. It builds team morale and partnership among co-workers which will have a knock on effect on all business relationships and motivation.

First of all, the recruiter, manager and contractor must be on the same page when it comes down to career aspiration for the contractor. A transparent discussion about finding out about their career goals is essential.  Once this is discussed, get the contractor to draw their career plan and describe the steps to get there. Once identified the contractor will be more inclined and motivated to achieve this.  It is important that we are all aiming and have agreed on the next career steps and goals for the contractor.

Keep in mind that they need to agree and understand what’s right for them. When a contractor agrees and is ready to take the next step in their career the motivation and drive will follow. It is then up to the contractor to do their utmost to achieve the position.

Secondly keeping the contractors motivated is about sharing feedback with them about their work performance onewrewrewrewrf a regular basis.  Good or bad feedback is still feedback to a contractor; it all depends on how the information is delivered and motivating the contractor to continue their good work. Constructive criticism also pushes contractors to make improvements in areas that could use a little more attention.

Communication and transparency is essential for keeping your contractor motivated as we need to understand what drives the contractor, what they enjoy but also what motivates them to succeed.

Thirdly acknowledgement is very important. Don’t wait for annual reviews to praise, share positive feedback and reward your contractors. Let them know they are an asset for the organisation regularly.

Finally keezzzzzp your contractors motivated by giving incentives. Pay rise and monetary rewards is an option however not the only one. Using non-monetary incentives such as recognition programs (Temporary of the Month and Highly Commended) are ways you can reward a job well done.

Ultimately, contractors hold some responsibility for staying motivated and challenged within their positions. As their consultant, our job is to help achieve and motivate the contractor to reach their career goals.

Paul Cullen- Recruitment Consultant

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