Empowering Employees Through These Trying Times and Beyond

In our previous blog, we talked about ways on how to create a COVID safe office for employees. However, safety is only one side of the problem. Empowering employees and keeping morale high is another challenge amidst the pandemic. Yes, it is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to establish a positive and nurturing office, especially during these trying times.

Emphasis on Human Capital

Human capital problems existed pre-COVID and many organisations still struggle with it. What employers do for the sake of their employees these days will be of value for them beyond this pandemic.

Human capital and employee engagement are not the same, but they work hand in hand. Human capital is referred to as the abilities, skills, attitude, knowledge and competencies of individual workers. Employee engagement is a fundamental approach or concept to understand the nature of employee and employer relationships. Something they have in common, they drive employee growth and success.

Job security for millions of people went into limbo after the pandemic struck globally. Millions of people are jobless, and many employees are afraid of losing their jobs. Emphasis on human capital means giving employees the opportunities and resources they need to grow and upskill themselves as professionals. In creating the work of the future, we are also building the leaders of the future. There are different ways of doing this, but the focus is to enable employees to further their capabilities and in doing so, their careers. It’s about keeping employees busy and engaged at the office not for the sake of work alone.

Connect Through Concerns

Communication is key these days. To be exact, virtual communication is. Your employees and even you yourself have concerns. It is difficult to focus nowadays with the fear of contracting the virus and then coming home to our loved ones. In these frustrations and fears, we find something in common – we are all struggling. This is the best time we connect with each other through our concerns. Together, we talk about office problems and together we come up with solutions.

As we connect in virtual worlds and social dimensions, we become more resilient, both online and offline. Assure your employees that it is ok to raise their concerns.

Further Educate Employees about Health

It is simple to announce social distancing and hand sanitising rules. Infection control does not stop there. It is important to effectively communicate to employees their insurance and medical benefits and claims. Make sure that your employees are aware they have easy access to medical services and resources. It is advisable to consider providing additional medical benefits to employees during this pandemic.

Next would be to schedule weekly meetings to talk about ways on how to improve health and well-being as well as to navigate COVID-19. You can present ideas and tips on how they can better protect themselves from getting infected or strengthen their bodies to fight the virus.

It is advisable for employers to work with government and health entities to get valuable information they can then share with the office. In doing all of these, employees will feel safe, cared for by the company, and that will improve morale.

Here in Quay Appointments, we feel more connected with each other after we shifted to working from home. Now that we are slowly going back to the office, we’ll capitalise on that momentum. It’s been tough on all of us as it has been for others as well. But collectively we rallied around to come out stronger on the other side. What we do for our employees today creates a very strong culture of resilience and hope for the future.

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