Acing Your Recruitment Job

With so many things going on at once, recruitment can sometimes be a juggling act. If you are a recruiter working at an agency, you will most likely be juggling candidates, clients and organizational processes all at once. So how can you get yourself organized so that this juggling act becomes second nature to you?


  1. Plan out your day and make a ‘to do’ list

Whether this is in your diary, on your computer or on a scrap piece of paper, the first step to becoming organized is planning out your day so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Take note of a couple of important things that you must get done for the day and tick them off once they are completed. That way you’re not relying on yourself to remember and you have one less thing to keep organized.


  1. Set & keep track of deadlines

Once you have planned out your day or week, set yourself deadlines and stick to them. You may start your working day by blocking out timeframes in which you will do specific tasks eg BD calls, candidate interviews or client meetings. Things don’t always go to plan and there may be ad hoc tasks that pop up so you need to keep this in mind and manage accordingly.


  1. Keep your emails organized

Emails are a necessary and major way of communicating with your clients and candidates. If you ignore your email inbox completely, they will keep piling up and will get too hard to manage. To keep your emails organized, once you have actioned the email, the best thing to do is put this into a folder so that you can easily navigate back to it if you need to refer to it later. You can also set up ‘rules’ where any emails from a particular person will be automatically moved to a folder.


  1. Keep your desk clear

There is nothing worse than sitting at a desk that is covered with papers strewn all over it. The first step to tackling this is to do a major cull and get rid of any papers that are no longer necessary. Work out a filing system that works for you, or even better, keep everything online! If your desk is clean, you are more focused and more work is going to get done!

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