A Day in the Life of A Recruiter

In a very competitive market with highly skilled workers and perhaps not always a lot of job openings, the role of a Recruitment Consultant is more important than ever. Here at Quay Appointments we take the title of “Recruitment Consultant” very seriously – We “consult” our candidates to ensure they get their dream job and we also consult our clients to ensure they are attracting the best possible talent to their role.

I have been a recruiter at Quay Appointments for over a year, so I am familiar with the ever-changing market and the steps to complete in order to recruit successfully. As I said before, every single day is different, however I have come up with a couple of responsibilities that generally happen on a day to day basis.

Checking emails

Usually the first thing I would do when I turn on my computer each morning is respond to any emails. These could include emails from my candidates asking questions about their current role or sending their updated resume, so I can put it forward to potential clients. On the other hand, emails from clients are also common, outlining what is required for their next role to be filled. The occasional Quay Appointments internal email is thrown in the mix also! It is necessary to keep checking emails throughout the day to keep up to date with your candidates, clients and job postings.

Posting a job advertisement

Posting an advertisement is another duty of mine, which may happen every couple of days. Our extensive database makes it easy to search through willing and active candidates, but sometimes it may be necessary to post an advertisement through SEEK or on our website for harder to fill roles. This generates a pool of new people, which excites me as I can work closely alongside them to help them find a job.

Screening resumes

After an advertisement has been posted, I am then able to screen through the resumes. It is crucial that I am actively in contact with the client if possible, so that I know the certain skills and personality type that is needed to fulfill the role. Our current database has a step by step process to cull resumes for a job, making it easy to differentiate the good ones from the ones that may not be suited to this particular job. Depending on how popular the job is and how many resumes were received, this may take up a big chunk of my day.

Interviewing candidates

Another priority in my job is interviewing candidates. Without an interview, it is hard to tell how a candidate will truly perform in a role. I always try to be friendly and interactive with the candidates, as I know how hard going for an interview is! I try to ask behavioral questions to delve deeper into what type of role the candidate is looking for. It is essential to match the candidate’s personality and what they are looking for to the client’s job posting.


I spend some time browsing on LinkedIn and Seek Premium to see what is happening in the market and to see if anyone is potentially looking for a job. This allows me to be proactive with candidates, and I am able to keep them in mind for future opportunities. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with clients, and Seek Premium is perfect to get a behind the scenes look at anyone looking to get a job.

I wish I could articulate a typical day in the life of a recruiter, but I don’t think this is possible as every single day is different! Of course, there are the typical tasks – answering calls / emails, reading CV’s, posting jobs and screening candidates – but the role of a recruitment consultant is so much more.

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