• Why Our Mindset Matters
    Tuesday 09th April 2019
    7:30 am - 9:00 am

How can we develop change resilient leadership capabilities?

To successfully build a vibrant culture of innovation and continuous improvement, everyone needs to be engaged in the incremental changes that allow us to achieve our potential and best practices. To do this, we need to first understand how our own beliefs impact on our personal and team’s success.

Karen will delve into the research of Dr. Carol Dweck, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist and author of ‘Mindset – the new psychology of success’. Her interactive, fun and experimental session will explore why our own mindset matters when it comes to delivering outcomes. She will discuss practical ways to turn every challenge into an exciting opportunity.


This session will help HR and business leaders to understand how to release potential in their people and to develop a culture of high performance, not high burn-out!

  • How our brain responds to change or difficulty (the neuroscience bit!)
  • Difference between fixed and growth mindsets
  • Learning to hear and use the language of the growth mindset
  • Being smart with praise: tips to avoid harming motivation and performance of others
  • The power of choice and practical tips for reaching full potential


Karen Simmons is an organisational change specialist, and Brain-Based Coach™, with over 25 years international experience, and a strong reputation for her indepth understanding of what it takes to transform a business and culture from the ‘inside out’.

Karen’s experience has been gained through working in UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and Australia, and holds qualifications spanning Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma, to NLP Practitioner, Neuroscience-based coach, and Core Strengths Accredited Master Facilitator.