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Now more than ever, we must look to our leaders for strength and resilience

In a world that seems increasingly unstable and full of roadblocks, it is important that we look to key figures in society to steady the ship. This shouldn’t be limited to family and world leaders, but our business leaders too.

This seminar will provide you with an experienced perspective on resilience and its importance in modern business. This will give you the tools to build upon your existing skill-set and exercise more resilience professionally.

You will learn:

  • Building resilience to overcome setbacks
  • The power of a clear vision
  • Importance of driving success and building your team
  • How measuring your impact can help you pivot and innovate to be more successful
  • The power of mentors utilising them to greater success
  • The importance of making mistakes and learning from them
  • Evolving your mindset to view challenges as opportunities to grow

Annabelle Chauncy OAM is the CEO and Founding Director of the School for Life Foundation. She is a dynamic leader and social entrepreneur who having started her NGO from scratch at the age of only 21.

Over the past decade, Annabelle has had to deal with a multitude of obstacles thrown at her including running two high-performing businesses in different continents, tight budgets, gender and cultural bias, shifting mindsets, and raising capital – just to name a few. It is through her tenacious attitude and resilience that she has managed to build School for Life into the successful charity that it is today.

Janepher Nansubuga grew up in rural Uganda. Following the loss of her parents at 16, she moved in with her grandmother. Education was extremely harsh – no meals during the day and receiving beatings. Janepher decided she herself had to change things for her family.

She began to work to pay for a private education for herself and her siblings. Eventually, she managed to complete her teacher training and become one herself. She has been involved with School for Life since the beginning and her diligent approach to education has seen her rise to the role of Director of Schools.