• Tuesday 26th March 2019
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Our brains are wired for storytelling… want to learn a new story to improve your workplace?

Join us for an insightful working lunch facilitated by Karen Simmons. We will be joined by Loui, an integral member of Karen’s team who will literally draw our thoughts together, to give you a new perspective to take back to your workplace!

Recently, LinkedIn asked CEOs what skills they wanted and needed from their HR teams into the future. Creativity and persuasion were at the top of the list for soft skills. But what does that really mean? What are some of the challenges being faced by businesses and the HR profession today that could be holding us back? How are we responding?


Karen is an organisational change specialist and innovator with over 25 years hands-on experience in leading and supporting business transformations in challenging contexts around the world.

She will create the environment for powerful and insightful conversations to take place around the table, where stories and ideas are shared for the greater purpose of continually improving our professional practice based on empathy and empowerment.

Karen Simmons – CEO & Principal Consultant at The Change Executive