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 The theatre of communication.


Communicating with positive purpose requires skill and thoughtful application,this presentation will be an entertaining and informative examination of practical presentation skills and together we will all explore why true engagement and connection matter.  The effective rendering of the spoken word can be the difference between winning or losing your audience’s attention, Barbara will focus on how we can manifest presence and influence with the dynamic attributes of voice, physicality, authenticity and content. We will focus on achieving maximum presentation impact by instilling inroads to greater imagination, clarity and substance.

We’ll explore how to;

  • Present confidently
  • Be engaging and ‘in the moment’ when communicating
  • Develop a keen sense of body language, facial expressions and eye contact
  • Seek clarification from others that meaning has been transferred
  • Develop a strong sense of the quality of the voice and physical presence and use it effectively in generating professional contact
  • Think before speaking (specific breathing techniques)
  • Appreciate vocal modulation, articulation, resonance and clarity
  • Employ dynamic modes of delivery when imparting key messages

Barbara Warren.


Barbara’s company, Dramatic Difference Training, designs and facilitates a range of creative training programs in Presentation Skills, Leadership, Team Building and individual coaching. The Dramatic Difference Training team coach executives, managers, teams and individuals to present with energy and passion and strive for clear authentic communication practice and to passionately pursue their workplace objectives. Barbara Warren has a background in performing arts and theatre spanning over 25 years, Barbara uses the skills gained from this to encourage business professionals to value dynamic communication practice and be engaging presenters.