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The neuroscience of change : A practical overview that leaders can apply to improve their leadership.


Constant change is ubiquitous across public and private sectors, as is ‘Change fatigue’and the ongoing challenge of ‘trying to do more with less’. And its not going to slow down any time soon!

Consequently, resilience to change and change leadership skills are now effectively critical management capabilities – at all levels. No leader in today’s world of relentless change can hope to be properly effective without these core competencies.

In this enlightening, humorous and definitely brain-changing presentation, Simon will share some of the latest knowledge that practical neuroscience brings to the table on the subject of change leadership,

The session will provide:

  • A practical neuroscience-based overview of why change can be difficult for many
  • What we – as leaders, and personally – might do to morph that thinking
  • Neuroscience-based insights into how we, as humans, can build our resilience to change
  • A practical model which leaders can apply to improve their change (and day-to-day)  leadership.


Simon Smith



Simon Smith is the CEO & Founder of Southern Cross Coaching & Development, a large multi-award winning leadership company with 10 years experience, developing teams and people using the principles of applied neuroscience in all its coaching, training, leadership development and change management services.

With over 30 years experience in brain based leadership, spanning the private, public and not for profit sectors  Simon has worked and travelled through over 40 different countries including living in Borneo for nearly 2 years running his own underwater videography & marine research business.