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Breaking Bias: How to work with your subconscious to reduce the impact of bias when seeking to hire someone


It may be painful to admit, but we are all horribly biased.

The reason being they serve us great mental shortcuts saving our brain time, effort and energy, and making it easier for us to filter information, make a quick decision, reduce potential risk and help us determine what we really need to know.

With a multitude of biases to choose from, what matters is having the awareness of their presence.

Being firmly lodged in our subconscious, they cannot be eliminated, but their impact can be reduced by building awareness of their existence and putting in place a framework to mitigate their effect.

To date only one strategy has been shown to be effective in moving us towards having a less biased brain.

Dr Jenny Brockis  


Dr. Jenny Brockis is the Brain Fitness Doctor, specialising in brain health and the science of high performance thinking. Passionate about all things “brain” she inspires her audiences with cutting edge neuroscience translated into simple practical tools to help people work smarter not harder.

A medical practitioner, she has a strong background in health and human behaviour. Her mission is to become the Jamie Oliver of brain fitness, empowering others to create their own fit and healthy brain, optimised to enable them to work at their best. Dr. Jenny Brockis understands that while intentions may be good, changing behaviours and ways of thinking is not always easy!

As an international speaker, mentor and author of three books Dr. Jenny Brockis  works with those who recognise the most valuable investment they will ever make is in their own mental capital and wellbeing.