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The Quay Recruitment Methodology

At Quay Appointments we aim to become an extension of your business and gain a thorough understanding of your organisations environment, people and culture, to better assist you in the resolution of staffing issues.

Whether it is a permanent requirement or a short term temporary requirement, our team will work with you and provide expert advice on the position description and the type of person most suited to it, as well as how to attract the relevant candidates and how to determine remuneration packages for the competitive market.

Unlike some blanket approaches, our personalised process saves time, promotes growth, reduces onboarding, and ensures that when we present our shortlist for interview with the client representative, we are providing the best candidates for the job.

Temporary Staff – The Flexible Workforce

Temporary staff provide a quick and cost effective solution to staff shortages, peak workloads and holiday times. Temporary solutions are also beneficial for project based assignments, because you are able to demand the best skilled employee or specialist for the job at hand, leaving minimal impact to your annual budget.

At Quay Appointments, our response time is fast, which means we place the staff when you need them, and using our internal database, we can even place people the same day. We expect high standards from our temporary staff. Each person in our internal database is screened, interviewed, tested, and if necessary trained at our internal facilities.

Permanent Recruitment

The biggest challenge HR needs to overcome during the permanent recruitment process is finding the right organisational fit for the role. This could mean lots of time and resources spent trawling through applications, phone screening candidates, short listing and interviewing.

Quay Appointments consultants are recruitment professionals specialising in your industry. We are confident that we can find you the right person for your business which is why we offer a competitive permanent placement guarantee. Our bottom line is, if we don’t present a candidate that you feel fits your requirements, you don’t pay.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Organisation

The first step for the Quay Appointments team is to develop and understanding of the client, their work environment and the people currently working there. Through this understanding of the organisation, we will then be able to identify the candidates who best fit the requirements, thus reducing onboarding time and minimise attrition, resulting in an effective recruitment solution.

This process saves time and eliminates any misunderstanding. Once the skills, experience, preferred personality and salary range is established, we will present our shortlist of candidates that will go forward to be interviewed with the client representative.

Sourcing & Retention

Quay Appointments has a large database of work ready candidates. We only add candidates to our database after they have been interviewed, tested and reference checked. Additionally, our account managers are skilled at forming accurate position descriptions, advertising, and utilising new technologies to find the best candidate


All candidates will be screened by our Quay staff before we send them for interview.

All Quay Appointments consultants are trained to develop competency-based interviewing questions and probing interviewing techniques relevant to each role. Using the behavioural interview style, we are able to probe further into experiences, past behaviour, capability, and competency.

Skills Assessment

Our comprehensive testing, vast range of assessment tools and contextualised training and assessment centre include, but are not limited to, computer skills testing and simulated practice, role-plays, leadership questionnaires psychometric profiling . Our commitment is to our clients and our candidates and for this reason we are thorough, diligent and honest in our appraisal of a candidate’s suitability and capability.

Background checks

All candidates are reference checked with at least two previous employers before been referred to an assignment. We can also conduct background checks and qualification verification, as well as criminal record checks and working with children checks where necessary.

Additional services

Our flexible database and meticulous record keeping ensure that a variety of reports useful for benchmarking, planning and forecasting can be provided. Quay Appointments also hold regular Breakfast Seminars and HR Forums, to assist in the day to day resolution of HR Issues.