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    Your people are your greatest assets. We are dedicated to helping you motivate, train, engage and retain your employees.

Quay Seminars

Here at Quay Appointments we don’t just make placements, we are also dedicated to helping you motivate, train and retain your employees.

This series aims to provide attendees with information and knowledge of HR issues ranging from retention strategies to managing change, health and well being in the workplace. We have had some fabulous speakers, for example, Dr John Clarke fascinated a packed room in presenting “Working With Monsters ” and Peter Cox captivated his audience by presenting “Developing a Winning Team Culture.” This is a value add for our customers so no fees are charged, but you do have to book early as spaces fill up very quickly!

Quay Appointments are dedicated to providing up to date & relevant industry information & resources. Use our website and our blog as an information hub for the latest in recruitment news and all the tools you may need in searching for the right employee such as interviewing techniques, recruitment trends and forecasts.

Why Our Mindset Matters

  • Why Our Mindset Matters
    Tuesday 09th April 2019
    7:30 am - 9:00 am

How can we develop change resilient leadership capabilities? To successfully build a vibrant culture of innovation and continuous improvement, everyone needs to be engaged in the incremental changes that allow us to achieve our potential and best practices. To do this, we need to first understand how our own beliefs impact on our personal and team’s (more…)

Authentic Leadership

  • Tuesday 12th March 2019
    7:30 am - 9:00 am

How to develop Authentic Leadership The term “Authentic Leadership” has taken on new importance and more and more significance ever since the Global Financial Crisis, a meltdown caused by failings of leadership. We invite you to discover how engaging in the right attitudes and behaviours can improve any leader’s style to better motivate employees and (more…)

What’s in store for you in 2019? An overview of the Australian and global economic environment

  • Keep calm and carry on. Everything is fine, really
    Tuesday 12th February 2019
    7:30 am - 9:00 am

Keep calm and carry on. Everything is fine, really In this presentation Brian Parker will discuss the outlook for both the Australian and global economies, particular in light of a highly uncertain geopolitical environment, where a grown-up politician is the rarest animal in the kingdom. He’ll also discuss what it all means for how (more…)