This week our guest blogger Corrinne Armour talks about  Coaching and  Leadership Skills. If you finished last year tired, stressed and with a long ‘to-do’ list still outstanding, it might be time to add coaching capabilities to your leadership toolkit. (The people you lead will benefit too!) Here are five things that you may not […]


Why Agility & Innovation is about more than just technology.

    Our guest blogger is Patrick Hollingworth who recently gave a very well attended presentation at one of Quay Appointments successful breakfast networking seminars.  In this series of blogs Patrick explores how teams can deal with business in an ever changing world. The Problem – Disruption In today’s rapidly changing business world, there are two […]


How to keep your contractor motivated?

. Recognising your contractors for their talents and skills and what they can bring to a business, has a serious motivating effect which can be contagious. It builds team morale and partnership among co-workers which will have a knock on effect on all business relationships and motivation. First of all, the recruiter, manager and contractor […]


4 steps to recognize and deal with emotional intelligence

  Powerful disturbing emotions – such as anger, sadness or fear – can take us off track. Being able regulate to strong emotions – learn from them and not allow them to overwhelm us – is a characteristic of good leadership. It’s also the basis of emotional intelligence. The notion of ‘Antidote Emotions’ comes from the […]


Blind Recruitment

In recent months there has been growing conversation around “blind recruitment”. Research from the Australian National University shows that people from culturally diverse backgrounds with the same qualifications and experience, often have to submit many more job applications to get as many interviews as an applicant with an Anglo-Saxon sounding name, an Indigenous person must submit […]

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Jobs of the future

Anniversaries often give cause to reflect on years past as well as on the possibility of things to come, Quay Appointments is celebrating 22 years in the recruitment business. In that time our economy, our technology and our processes have seen great change, and as a consequence of all 3 factors we have seen substantial […]