No Substitute for the Human Workforce

It is one of mankind’s greatest fear, to be taken over by robots. To be more specific, the fear of technology replacing the human workforce. This is nothing new as we’ve already seen thousands of our fellow workers put out of jobs because of technology in farming, customer service, delivery and more. Innovation is not […]

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Future of Work: What it looks like?

How would you describe the future of work today? Before COVID, many organisations envisioned the future of work to be centred on innovation and business intelligence. Not anymore, although they are still in the conversation. COVID-19 served as a catalyst for change in business and restructured the future of work. Here is how Quay sees […]


Acing Your Recruitment Job

With so many things going on at once, recruitment can sometimes be a juggling act. If you are a recruiter working at an agency, you will most likely be juggling candidates, clients and organizational processes all at once. So how can you get yourself organized so that this juggling act becomes second nature to you? […]


A Day in the Life of A Recruiter

In a very competitive market with highly skilled workers and perhaps not always a lot of job openings, the role of a Recruitment Consultant is more important than ever. Here at Quay Appointments we take the title of “Recruitment Consultant” very seriously – We “consult” our candidates to ensure they get their dream job and […]


Reducing New Employee Turnover

As an employer, hiring new people can be an expensive and time consuming process. That’s why it’s important to get it right first time and avoid having to hire for the same position twice. The cost of a losing a new employee is more than just money lost, it’s the time you have invested in […]