7 Traits our Clients Demonstrate for Successful Staff Hires

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In all lines of business where you exchange good and services; you will have clients, customers or suppliers. No matter what title you label these groups of people, there will be some key components involved in order to make the whole business transaction a smooth and positive experience for everyone involved.

Here at Quay Appointments we are in the business of adding value to organisations by solving some of their challenges. One of the biggest headaches for our clients is the ability to find and hire skilled staff to complete critical tasks in order to meet daily business objectives.

Quay Appointments take pride in our ability to nurse a client’s staffing headache by matching a candidate’s suitable skills to perform such tasks. Quay Appointments is and continues to be privileged to partner with many organisations for regular smooth business exchanges.

Below are some of the traits (in no particular order) that many of our clients demonstrate to help get successful staffing recruits in their business with Quay.

  1. Open Regular Communication:

Open, regular and honest communication is crucial. Keeping everyone who needs to be aware of any changes on the horizon with all hiring activity is essential. Finding & hiring the right candidate can be a tough business in its self, let’s not make it any more difficult than it has to be by keeping our cards close to our chest. Clients that regularly share and discuss potential roadblocks with their Quay consultant in the recruitment process have a huge hiring success percentage compared to those that don’t.

  1. Realistic Expectations:

Another key factor to a successful recruitment outcome is our clients that understand that not every candidate will Reality Check Aheadbe the perfect fit. Yes, the candidate will have the essential skills needed to perform the job effectively and although they may not have all the bells & whistles which would be the cherry on top, the right candidate will still achieve positive results. Our top clients know that compromise works on both sides and is a sure element to assist in finding the right person to join your team.

3. Clear Guidelines:

Another core part of the recruitment process is having clear guidelines so that everyone is on the same page. Many of our clients insist on this by following up with a detailed job description after the initial job briefing meeting or phone call. This is done to avoid any miscommunication down the track when both parties have already invested time and money into the recruitment process. Assumption is a dangerous strategy in recruitment, so we partner with clients who work with a clear roadmap or help our clients to create one.

4. Actively Listen & Seek Consultation:

Many clients know the volume of recruitment managed by a consultant.

For example a Quay Appointments consultant will on average:

  • Telephone screen 2,640 job applicant’s per year
  • Annually conduct 480 face to face candidate interviews
  • Regularly keep in contact with over 55 active & passive candidates per weeksign post

Our clients understand that we are the experts in our chosen field – this is why they engage with us. As such, our clients often will ask Quay consultants for suggestions on what to do in the recruitment process and common pitfalls to avoid.

They openly seek advice and listen to our comments based on thousands of hours of experience in hiring strategies, behavioural interviewing, reference checking and on-boarding.

5. Keep Promises:

Sounds obvious that if you ‘keep your word’ you will have smoother business outcomes.

This is very true in every recruitment process and covers all promises from sticking with agreed timeframes to honouring salary commitments.

Our clients acknowledge that we are selling their brand & unique business opportunity to a range of suitable skilled candidates. They know that a broken promise can cause hurt, pain and leave a long lasting impression of them as an individual professional in the marketplace with frustrated job seekers. They appreciate that their division or even company reputation can be destroyed if promises are consistently broken. Between 1-100 candidates can be spoken with about a job opportunity so our clients ensure they uphold their promise to protect their reputation.

6. Say Thank You:

You have heard it before that good people refer good people.

At Quay Appointments we knThank-you signow that we are delivering a quality service when our clients take the time to say ‘Thank You’.

Many of our clients will send an email of gratitude, write a letter to express their appreciation or become an ambassador of the Quay brand by consistently recommending us to other stakeholders that can benefit from using our recruitment services.

All Quay consultants know we have done our job well when this happens and of course we then ‘Thank’ our clients by verbally expressing it and then ensuring we deliver a top service to protect our own & our client’s reputation for referring us.

7. Pay on time:

To ensure a healthy professional relationship, all goods and services must be paid for and on time. There can be many reasons why this might not happen, go back to Point 1 if this happens to be the case and talk it through to get a resolution. Paying on time is needed for a healthy cash flow, it also again cements that gratitude for a job well done.

In recruitment, consultants are paid by results. Consultants will work from dawn to dusk to find that best fit candidate for our clients.

Our Quay clients tend to pay on time for 2 reasons;

  1. They want our full attention and focus to help them solve their next staffing problems which as we all know can change dramatically and quickly based to unforeseen events.
  2. They know recruitment is a sales based competitive industry and don’t want to deprive a hard working honest consultant their right to earning commission due to late payments.

So there you have it, some of the behaviours to get a smooth business outcome.   Thank you to our clients who professionally work & partner with Quay on the 7 points above.

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