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How to get the most out of Networking Events

Networking is about meeting people, introducing who you are and what you do and gaining valuable contacts and information that you can then use throughout your working career whether at present or in the future. In the past, Quay Appointments have provided many breakfast networking seminars to cater for this, and ultimately help our clients […]

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What have I learnt at my time here at Quay?

Expectations When we commence in our new role we have different expectations. We look for a job that can provide us with steady employment and security. We research the company and look for reviews which highlight a company’s strong reputation, providing a place where we are proud to work. We look for a Manager/Supervisor who […]

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The Most In-Demand Tech Roles in 2018

I have been recruiting IT professionals for State Government for six years now, which means keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing set of in-demand skills in the tech industry. With technology advancing faster than ever, companies are having to adapt with a modern workforce of employees with the necessary skills to keep them ahead of the […]

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IT careers in NSW Government – what are the benefits?

One of the biggest drivers for the IT labour market is the increased needs for the integration of new technologies into everyday business practices. We’re finding a lot of our candidates and clients talking to us about the ‘Cloud’ being a particularly prominent piece of technology, used in a range of businesses and prized for […]

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