Working with Passion

” I love my job I absolutely enjoy what I am doing. What else can you wish for than a good job? A job which is a passion at the same time? I have a very good reason to wake up in the morning.”

Hearing this feedback from a previous candidate was breath-taking. Every recruiter’s dream is to hear these words being said. I was so happy to hear that she is enjoying what she is doing. Not only is this the best thing she can wish for, but it is also generating an achievement for us as well.

She was using the word “passion” many times. When you work with passion, you have an inner motivation to succeed in what you are doing. Part of the work might not even feel like working at all, as you are spending your day with something which is meaningful for yourself.

Where does this passion arise?

People have to inherent the need to be enthusiastic about what they are doing. The importance of inspiration for the work does not just stand out as a present-day phenomenon. Enthusiasm and passion have motivated you to do this through the history of mankind. But is it a passionate work of an unkempt calling or a selfish desire for pleasure?

A healthy amount of selfishness is good for a person. It is important for your well-being to dare to give time to meaningful things that you enjoy. Work enthusiasm can often arise from being able to help others or to be influential.

However, the same rush does not keep going the entire working day. Moments of excitement come and go all day long. The positive enthusiasm, however, is to recognize that you are working close to your interest and values. Work, in turn, affects your whole quality of life. That is the reason why to try and find moments of enthusiasm, in order to impact your own wellbeing.

This is our goal, and this is what we want to hear from our candidates. We want you all to reach your own, personal goals. We want to get to know you and to find you a job you feel comfortable in. I think it is an important way to achieve success as well as great results. This is why we do our best to try and find a perfect candidate to match a perfect working environment.

Furthermore, it is not just you who gets the positivity out of work, it is the whole work environment, including our clients. Your well-being is not just for yourself, but for others to experience as well.

I think I was writing this in a flow. In a mood of satisfaction but honestly, I think we all should have a look and think what we want to do in life. What are the same things that bring us the same passion as the candidate has in her work? We should go towards those goals and dreams, as then we can achieve the best for ourselves.

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