Winning Talent with Candidate Care & Client Experience

Job candidates are more mindful of what they need and want when choosing an employer. With that, companies need to be more aware of what those preferences are so they can attract, engage, hire, and retain these talents. To win top talents, it is important to fully understand what candidate care and client experience mean from a recruiter’s perspective.

Candidate Care

Candidate care can be easily defined by the way recruiters and employers treat job candidates. But candidate care is so much more than that. Candidate care is something that can morph into either an employee engagement strategy or EVP (employee value proposition). That is why it is important for companies to align their recruitment and employee engagement values.

Here in Australia where there are more than 7000 recruitment firms and agencies, companies availing the expertise of recruitment firms is a norm. Most of these recruitment providers are accessible to companies but the real challenge is choosing the right one, and that can be broken down into one question, which recruitment firm operates with authentic and credible candidate care.

Going back to its definition, candidate care is the practice of a recruiter who acts accordingly to what would be progressive for the candidate. This includes providing employment and industry insights that would be valuable to candidates as they navigate their job search. Also, to help them determine a candidate’s skill set is best served.

For example, if a full-stack developer was unsuccessful in the job he applied for, a responsible recruiter would then help that candidate plan his next steps. Right now, the inbound tour operator and online travel booking industries in Australia are booming. Several businesses are looking to create interactive websites or portals and others to improve their existing ones.

Candidate care starts the second you write a job description and it connects to probably hundreds of people within minutes after posting. As recruiters, we must be honest about what we put out there and we should never mislead candidates.

Client Experience

Dealing with clients can be more complex compared to dealing with candidates. Client experience in recruitment is all about a company positioning itself as a reliable partner. There will always be candidates out there for recruitment firms to engage with. But without clients to work with, everything stops.

Just like with candidate care, client experience should always be authentic. Providing market insights, discussing salary ranges, talent acquisition, and more. In recruitment, clients don’t just focus on the results, meaning the candidates placed in each role. The process of getting there matters. Is there good communication? Are candidates endorsed for final interviews well-informed on the role and the company?

Trust between clients and recruitment firms is established in the process and it’s strengthened with the results. For us here at Quay Appointments, the main goal for both candidate care and client experience is retaining.

We hope to retain our clients by building strong relationships through client experience. And we want to place candidates in the right roles for the right company that would most likely lead to their employee retention.

Here at Quay Appointments, we invest heavily in candidate care and client experience and we’ve seen great results. Recently, Quay Appointments was recognised as one of the top recruitment firms here in Australia during the first quarter of 2022 by Recruiter Insider.

In an industry where rejection is consistent, it is important to always provide value in whatever interaction we have with clients and candidates.

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