What have I learnt at my time here at Quay?

  1. Expectations

When we commence in our new role we have different expectations.

We look for a job that can provide us with steady employment and security. We research the company and look for reviews which highlight a company’s strong reputation, providing a place where we are proud to work.

We look for a Manager/Supervisor who is competent, supportive and fair in their dealings.

We want friendly and motivated co-workers who also like to have a laugh.

We look for opportunities and the ability to progress in one’s job.

We want to be paid a salary commensurate to our experience and qualifications.

Our hours of work are usually set but require flexibility when the need arises for unexpected events where we may be late.

The four weeks of annual leave is most important to recharge the battery and enjoy a holiday or two.

We like to work at a company that appreciates their employees by supporting a weekly Friday afternoon drinks and nibbles.  This also extends to celebrating birthdays and other community events.

This is the type of working environment you will find at Quay Appointments.


  1. Relationships

Human beings are naturally social creatures – we crave friendship and positive interactions, just as we do food and water. It makes perfect sense that the better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we’re going to be in the workplace.

Positive working relationships within our workplace gives us several other benefits: we enjoy our work more when we have productive working relationships with our fellow colleagues. What’s more, good relationships energise us and inspire us to be the best we can be. Instead of wasting time and energy overcoming problems associated with negative relationships we can focus on opportunities for growth and forming cohesive and open relationships where we can work together towards a common goal and achieve great outcomes.

We also need good working relationships with our candidates and clients. Both our candidates and clients are essential to our overall success. It’s so important to build and nurture these relationships.


We communicate with our clients and candidates on a daily basis whether we are speaking over the phone, emailing or meeting face to face. By nurturing these relationships in a respectful way with open and clear communication the richer they become. This will impact the decision-making process and hopefully lead to a positive outcome.


  1. More than a Business

Quay Appointments is more than just a recruitment business. We as a company have a corporate responsibility. It is good to be part of a company that gives back to the community. It opens our hearts and makes us realise how fortunate we are. Raising money for the farmers, providing clothing for Dress for Success, holding monthly casual days where we give a gold coin to charity or educating our candidates with monthly breakfast meetings with a specialist guest speaker. These are just a few causes we contribute to and there are many more.

It makes us feel proud to be part of such an organisation.


  1. Growth

When you need top talent to drive your business growth, you need to look at ways to allow growth and learning opportunities. Is there training on a regular basis? Are there opportunities to present or write articles for the company website? Are there opportunities to earn bonuses or other financial incentives? If this is a resounding yes, then this will give support to employees for their personal and professional growth and overall satisfaction on the job.

While there are employees who are happy and content to perform their duties, many career-minded employees want to know that there is opportunity for advancement and growth. They want to be given opportunities to step up and perform higher duties and in turn to be compensated for this.

Work environments and company cultures that incorporate opportunities for personal growth will help build a fun and positive work environment which in turn motivates and keeps employees from becoming bored or disenchanted with their work.

Each day we want to be moving in a positive direction. We have the opportunity to present a topic at our weekly meetings or writing articles on our company website. This may push us out of our comfort zone but it could light up a part of our life that has laid dormant which is seeking further exploration.

We at Quay Appointments have all of these and more to help us reach our potential.


  1. Success

What does success mean to you? How do you measure your success?

Everyone has a different interpretation of success. Success is getting all that you want and more in life.

However the road to success is full of a lot of hard work, rejection, pain, often disappointment as well as obstacles and discouraging things but when you reach the heights of success you feel victorious.

Matching the right candidate to the needs of the client and getting a successful outcome is what we are about. It’s being persistent and really listening to both client and candidate. Maintaining those relationships to achieve a win/win result and knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life is a great feeling.

Bring these ingredients into the workplace and you’ll achieve best practice for the company.

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