What Do You Sound Like Over The Phone?

Phone calls are an essential part of everyday work structure. You receive calls from important clients who have never met you before, and through the call, they are forming their own conclusion about you.

Although we are all familiar with the nature of phone calls, we are unaware of the influence that our posture, tone and background noise can influence. It is crucial to be aware of how your tone presents yourself through the spoken word.

Try not to slouch or sit too comfortably whilst on a phone call. Prospective employers are aware of the tone, voice and diction that you create, and that can affect the overall outcome of their perspective of you. Slouching or being too comfortable when answering phones will make your caller assume you are uninterested or bored.

It is also important that you do not cover your mouth when you talk. It is the same principal as talking while you eat. Placing you hands over your mouth, chewing on gum or a pen will muffle the sound of your voice and may even be heard by the caller.

Don’t mumble or say “umm” but be clear and confident about what you are going to talk about. This will demonstrate that you are confident and interested with what your caller has to say.

It’s very important to reflect on what you will say before calling a prospective employer. Thinking and preparing will lead towards a more confident response.

The phone can alter the volume and pitch of your voice. Be conscious of talking too high or too low, as this can influence your caller’s attitude towards the call. Try to speak in a natural register and don’t shout into the phone.

Be aware of how fast you speak! A fast talker is an instant indication that you are nervous and difficult for your caller to understand what you are trying to tell them.

If you receive a call, and you are aware of the high level of background noise, let your caller know that it is not a good time to talk, and ask them for a number to call them back. This will demonstrate that you are interested in what your caller has to say.

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