What are the top 5 essential skills of a Receptionist?



Today, 9th of May 2018, marks International Receptionist Day; a day to appreciate these often unsung heroes.

The aim of this day is to raise awareness of the value a Receptionist brings to a company and appreciate the way they keep the day-to-day activities of a business running smoothly.

Receptionists have multiple responsibilities, often juggling incoming calls and managing the front desk along with setting appointments, filing, record keeping, office paperwork and generally keeping everything in order; their work is never done!

If you’re a Receptionist or looking to become one, here’s the top 5 must-have skills that you should be able to demonstrate:

  1. Communication skills and professional manner

Being polished and professional is a must as you tend to be the first contact that people encounter within the business. You’ll often be speaking to people on behalf of your colleagues, so excellent verbal communication skills go without saying and it’s important that you represent the business appropriately.

Whether it’s over the phone or in person, dealing with people in a friendly manner (no matter how difficult or challenging a person is being) and passing on messages effectively is a huge part of the job.

  1. Technical skills 

Technology is an integral part of any office so as a receptionist you must be comfortable using computers, phone systems, email programmes, copiers and printers. Word processing skills are a must and most reception roles require some familiarity with Excel, desktop publishing, social media and even industry-specific software. 

  1. Organisational skills 

Multitasking and handling several different jobs at a time is the status quo for a receptionist so the ability to stay organised is essential. You’ll often be required to balance lots of priorities, deadlines and last-minute changes within your daily activities – and remain calm and efficient whilst doing so! 

  1. Dependable team player

The rest of the team need someone they know they can rely in the role of Receptionist. You must be able to finish tasks on time and always follow through on commitments you’ve made to your colleagues.

It’s likely that you will be dealing with confidential information related to the company and the private details of clients, therefore it’s vital that the rest of the team can trust you and be confident that you’ll handle all situations professionally.

A receptionist will rarely have two days the same. You must be adaptable to things changing and have the ability to react fast, using your initiative to quickly solve problems if something goes wrong.

On this year’s International Receptionist Day, maybe a take a minute to reflect on what you’d do without the Receptionist in your business and show them the appreciation they deserve…

If you’re looking for a Receptionist role or looking for an exceptional Receptionist to join your business, get in touch for a chat today on 02 8257 0500.

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