When is time to move out from your job?

We are living in a vicious circle which circulates around home-work-home, perhaps this makes life boring at times by doing the same thing’s all day every day. However, it is very important to know when you are reaching that stagnant point in your life the only thing you want is “CHANGE’ which is usually changing your job.

Is there is a particular time or day to change your job? I guess the answer is “NO” because it is subjective to perception.

In the Recruitment Industry, we hear common reasons in different words why people are leaving their jobs, so it is very important to define your career goal.

Below are the most common reasons why people decide to leave their current jobs.

My Role is Stagnantdownload-3
If you have been doing the same job every day, you will eventually feel unproductive and possibly bored. People are looking for diversified roles where they can learn new skills.

No Acknowledgement
People get really frustrated when they are not acknowledged or recognised for the work they have done which pushes them to the exit door.

No Flexibiwork_lifelity or work life Balance
Employees don’t mind putting extra hours if they are getting work life balance and flexibility.  Perhaps, if they are restricted to strict timings, it’s unlikely they will go the extra mile to deliver the project as they expect some perks in return too.


Headhunted for a Dream Job
Sometimes people are not looking for a change and are quite happy where they are until they get headhunted for their dream job which is offering them career progression, higher salary plus flexibility.

No Challenges in their current roledownload-6
The job market is very competitive and innovative at the moment; people prefer to have new challenges in their jobs. New challenges give them a chance to identify their strengths and weaknesses which leads to a new path in their career.

Just not happy in the Job
Some people are just not happy in their jobs and they have no idea why, sometimes there is not just one reason it is multiple reasons. The only thing they know they are not happy but if you ask them what will make them start liking their job again, they might give it a thought and address the gaps.

Mondownload-5etary Gains
Different companies pay different salaries; many times, the reason to leave a job is for more money. Why would you not leave your current job if another company is offering you more money for the same job and effort?

.Regular Restructurings in Companies
These days we hear all the time, restructures are happening in the companies. The new re-orgs can provide an opportunity to step up and shine; but more often than not, they signal turbulence. More importantly, they create a challenging environment for your career development needs to get any attention.

Actual Job is different from the Interview
Sometimes what was mentioned in the interview reflects differently in the practical job. People join new companies based on what was explained about the role in the interview and Profile Description. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it is very disappointing and leaves a bad impression for the company.

In brief, it is worthwhile to sit and think about the things you want in your job and initiate the necessary gaps with your line manager. You never know things can change with one meeting and you might even start loving your job again.

Supreet Kaur – Consultant IT.

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