Significant Candidate Concerns and How to Address Them

According to the latest Labour Force report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate increased to 6.9% in September 2020 meaning there are nearly a million people jobless. Unemployment itself is just one of the top concerns among candidates today in Australia. Moving forward, millions of candidates fear employment uncertainties.

Job Security

We can’t blame candidates and employees for being scared about the possibility of future layoffs and furloughs. It is unfortunate, but people losing their jobs everyday became normal in the workplace this year.

We highly advise candidates to build and maintain a professional network outside the office. Establish strong connections that will position you better when you launch a job search. As much as possible, learn new skills and programs that is relevant to your field and can be applied in others as well. Attend online seminars, mentorship and trainings programs to enhance your skills and knowledge. In summary, INVEST IN YOURSELF!

Before signing employment contacts or even submitting job applications, candidates must review their target organisation’s policies around severance. That way, they are aware of what they are entitled to get and can negotiate.

Regeneration and Wellness

The level of fatigue, anxiety and burnout millions of candidates and employees are struggling with is way too much to handle. Some people are able to cope while others not so much. According to a survey report by The Workforce Institute at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), burnout and fatigue are equally top concerns for employees working at home and at the office. Think about it, if working from home is not the ultimate solution, then what is?

Many organisations embraced the idea of workplace regeneration and wellness. These are not just strategies for the sake of health. They improve productivity, inspire camaraderie, establish mental resiliency and provides a positive outlook to candidates and employees despite trying times.

It is important for candidates and employees to focus on their wellness and health. As explained by Matthew Chapman, Managing Director of Will International, Quay’s parent company, there should be a strong focus on regeneration and wellness. “The art of regeneration has never been more important than now. If we are not working on the solutions, we find ourselves in a precarious predicament,” Chapman said.

Candidates and employees alike must learn how to turn it on and off. There should be a fine line between working and resting. Online yoga is now on the rise and is really something you should consider. There should be newfound value and understanding for work-and-life balance beyond this pandemic.

Corporate Governance

Office politics, nepotism, corruption, lack of transparency, lack of accountability and so much more issues with corporate governance. People on the job hunt nowadays are in need of more than just a job, but a job with dignity. As a candidate, feel free to ask questions that concern not only you but other candidates and even employees as well. Deliver your message with respect. There should be a strong sense of responsibility for both candidates and organisations.

Candidates should not be afraid of being vocal about their dilemmas and organisations need to start addressing problems they didn’t acknowledge before. Corporate governance should be built upon empathy and compassion for all, not just the ones at the table.

An Uphill Battle

These concerns and issues won’t be solved overnight. It is indeed scary moving forward but as we do so, and in the right direction, we usher in a better future of work for ourselves and those next in line. For candidates out there, don’t give up and be strategic on your job search.

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