Resume Roulette

A resume by any definition is a documentation of skills, experience and achievements presented by persons with the prospect of securing employment.

A recruiter will spend on average 5-7 seconds reviewing your resume (frightening I know). Everyone loves a gamble but when it comes to your career; is it really worth the risk? Unfortunately there is no formula for a winning resume as they can take many forms, yet each can be effective in their own right…

A chronological resume is a listing of work history presented in reverse order. This format works well for candidates who have held consistent and comparable employments. If a chronological resume is your choice, please note that it’s not enough to list responsibilities. Give recruiters an overview of the purpose of your roles held and, most importantly, present your achievements and value added. A career summary is also effective with chronological resumes as it gives you the opportunity to customise your offering and provide a strong match by highlighting skills, abilities and professional expertise in a short but catchy statement.

On the other hand, a less traditional approach would be a functional resume which places emphasis on your skill-offering rather than your chronological work history. This format works well for those early in their career, those who have worked on multiple short term projects, for those who have gaps in their employment or for job seekers wanting to change their career. By categorising your offering of specific skills and capabilities, there is less emphasis on length of service or industry exposure.

If in doubt why not utilise a combination of a chronological and functional resume. First highlight your qualifications, trainings, skills and achievements and then follow with a brief breakdown of your working history.

Remember there is no formula for a winning resume but if you focus on your strengths, know your audience and tailor your approach; you’re sure to be backing a winner. You may find the following DO’s & DONT’s helpful when finalising your resume.

Resumes Dos and Donts


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