Recruitment in IT: How to stand out among thousands of great candidates

According to the 2018 Australia’s Digital Pulse report by Deloitte, Australia’s ICT workforce will grow to more than 750,000 professionals and over 3 million Aussies will be employed in jobs with ICT functions or integrations by 2023. That projection is very much possible with what we are seeing today in the ICT and tech industry. Because of emerging innovations and digital solutions, new jobs centred on digital skills are being introduced. With that, the competition in the job market is getting harder for both recruiters and candidates.

For IT professionals out there looking to stand out in a sea of capable candidates, here are some tips and insights.

IT certifications, gather as much as you can

These days, thousands of IT certifications are available online.  People can apply for online education programs that would complement their skills and field of work. These certifications are more valuable for a lot of people these days. From the perspective of a recruiter, a professional active in learning through these certification programs is someone who is eager to learn and discover new solutions, meaning he or she is qualified.

According to a 2021 study by Pearson VUE, the demand for IT certifications is growing. The study also found that 91% of its respondents felt more confident after pursuing these certifications. Here in Australia, IT professionals have access to some of the world’s top IT certifications including AWS Solutions Architects, Certified Scrum Master, PMP (Project Management Professional) and more. You can complete all of these certifications from the comfort of your own home.

But, before you choose which certification to take, make sure to align your skills and experience. This is important if you want to progress your career towards the right path.

Learn the top IT players in your country

When I say, the “top players,” I don’t mean the biggest ones. Professionals can choose their top providers according to their own preferences. Start with asking yourself, “What is the best company that would help me grow my skills and expertise?” There are hundreds of IT or tech providers here in Australia and choosing one in particular you want to work for can be tricky. It is not about being picky, but about choosing the company that will give you the right opportunity. If you want to work for a company, learn everything you can about that company in terms of its services, industries it is engaged with, clientele, culture, workforce and more. That way, you can align yourself, your skills, and your mindset.

Accept that reskilling or upskilling is a must

Digital reskilling or upskilling is a must, not only here in Australia. According to an article by Hudson, Australia’s ICT market is set to reach $100 billion this year, the estimated total can be even bigger than that with the pandemic making organisations come up with new solutions focused on tech. No matter how advanced your skills and knowledge are, you should always look to improve.

On July 22, 2021, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment informed the public that the Digital Skills Organisation or DSO is testing new “approaches to designing digital qualifications and training that meets the skills needed for a job in the digital sector.” In short, how to promote and drive digital upskilling and reskilling in the country. DSO is in the midst of determining key challenges to helping the digital workforce evolve alongside jobs and skills.

Expand your job search globally

More and more organisations are open to hiring remote workers whether they be from another city, another state or even another country. Expanding your job search geographically will open up new opportunities you never expected. This is also a chance for you to enter new markets and industries. Because of remote work or outsourcing, several IT professionals are open to working full-time and part-time or freelance jobs.

IT is one of the top industry sectors we engage with here at Quay Appointments. We are seeing see new trends affect the job market and we are certain that the industry will continue to grow in the coming years. If you are looking for the next suitable IT role, get in contact with us today on 02 8257 0500.

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