Recruitment Agencies – How they can help you !



Recruitment agencies are becoming increasingly popular. As more and more businesses and organisations turn to recruitment consultants to find their perfect candidate, more and more candidates are turning to recruitment agencies to facilitate their job search.  The job market is competitive,  it can be a complicated, expensive, lengthy and frustrating process for both the person hiring and the person looking for a new job to find the ‘right fit’. Recruitment agencies speed up and smooth out this process, acting as the middle man between both parties and performing always in a strategic and consultative manner to ensure the best match between job and candidate.

For candidates, the benefits are numerous;

  • Recruitment agencies are free of charge for candidates.  Agencies only charge their clients, therefore candidates obtain help, advice, support and potential new job offers for free
  • Recruitment consultants are experts in their field and will be able to provide an in depth and realistic overview of the current labour market
  • Consultants build their careers on networking,  can use these contacts to tap into a huge market of potential employers for every candidate they meet with
  • Due to years of relationship building between agencies and their clients, consultants will often have access to jobs that a job seeker cannot yet see. An agency is often the first sounding board when a client is looking for new talent and can give suitable candidates a jump start in the hiring process
  • Consultants want every candidate they place (or work with in any form) to be successful in their job search and subsequent career. Therefore giving feedback, tips, advice and support are intrinsic in how they do their work. Depending on the nature of the role, they can also assist with salary negotiations and give support for any other issues that may arise in the workplace.


The bottom line is, recruitment agencies are built on the sourcing, placing and support of great candidates. Without the right candidates, an agency has nothing to offer their clients. It is in an agencies best interest to do everything they can for their candidates,  this can only be a positive thing for all those seeking new job opportunities.

Ailbhe Mc Donnell
Recruitment Consultant.

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  1. Leslie leung Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 2:40 pm #

    I am a job seeker who has left the workforce for six years
    With this gap i find it challenging to find a role even a temporary one
    Prior to this gap i have had years of office experience
    Do you think you can help me?

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