My job experience in Australia – how is it different from California?

Work Life

In California, when we work, we must clock in and clock out. Before you are hired, the hiring managers are nice and create a diverse workplace. However, after you are hired, the managers can be biased. In my belief, there is not as many job opportunities as in Australia because of the strong competition.

Australia is a multicultural society, with a lot of job opportunity. So far, Australian people don’t mind using slang and some profanity in the workplace. Californian people try not to use it because they want to be professional.

In Australia, the minimum salary pay is $18, and currently right now, it’s $12 in California. If you are working as servers, you do get tips however, it’s never a set amount because it depends on how busy the business is. I noticed in most of the restaurants in Australia, you order and pay first in the front and then sit down. Also, you get water by yourself in the front. I feel like this is more convenient, because you do not have to get the server’s attention. The servers in California can be slow, forgetful, and hard to get their attentions for refilling water and getting the check. Plus, you still have to pay around 10-20% tips.


After Work

In California, there are many places that close around 10PM. For example, the mall closes at 9PM, and the latest the restaurant closes is at midnight. After work, I can hang out with my friends just anywhere. The food in California is cheap, good, and served in big portions.

Australia has a large variety of beautiful nature. After work, people walk around, explore, or chill at the parks. It’s not weird to walk alone because there are so many people walking around and crossing the street. In California, everyone drives, so there are a lot of pollution and people just want to go home or go out to eat.

Australian people are very nice and laid back. No matter where you are, some people just talk to you randomly if you’re alone. In California, people mind their own business.


Bonding Activities

During my time at Quay Appointments, I believe it is a very chill place to work. Every Friday we all gather around the kitchen to bond. We sit down and chat about anything, with some snacks and alcohol. It’s the best way to get to know your colleagues better, and end the week with laughter.


My Uncertainties Before Coming To Australia

Before I came to Australia, I didn’t know it was such a diverse country. As an American born Chinese, I love Asian food, and thought I’ll miss it. However, there are so many different cuisines in Australia. I thought I would not fit in to the country, but Australians are respectful, cheerful, and helpful.

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