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It’s the question on everyone’s mind. What is the market like? Am I being paid appropriately for my skills and background? I’m here to tell you, with the information readily accessible today, both of those questions can be answered.

The first question, what is the market like? I could tell you what the unemployment rate is in Australia or give you a generalist overview of what industry has the highest number of employees however short answer is by asking your recruiter! They are the subject matter expert for their designated industry. Assuming you are speaking to a recruiter in the correct field they will be able to find these answers for you, if they don’t know them already. The questions you want to be asking are specific.
Eg “Is my experience appropriate for these positions?”.

Secondly, am I being etfrdvgfshpaid appropriately for the position and my experience? Some companies have grades and salaries relevant to your duties and responsibilities. These charts or tables are generally found on intranets or via your human resource manager. If you do not have a grading system at work you will need to know your Award. The following link can be used to calculate the minimum salary for your current position.
However many employees are not looking for a base salary. People want to know where the rest of the industry sits. This is where you might use a broader search at or These sites can give you an overview depending on your job and location.

In conclusion salary trends are always changing depending on the supply and demand in the market. Use information from the subject matter experts like your recruiter and free information sites to find out if you are being paid appropriately.

Ben Niejalke
Recruitment Consultant

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