Looking for a job from scratch

Where do I start? That’s usually the first question coming to our mind when we are starting our job search!

After working for the same organisation for many years, looking for a job change can be definitely daunting. Nevertheless the job market has been changing dramatically and you definitely need a new approach in your job search now than you did 5 or 10 years ago.

So let’s look at what we need to do step by step when looking for a new career change in 2016:

1. Whom do I know?

First step beforerteer all, look at your network.

I know it is very old school however it is still a very powerful tool. Think about people around you who could point you in the right direction and also introduce you to the right decision makers. Use your network and don’t be afraid of asking for help you will be surprise of what can it bring to you. Ask your friends, your partner’s friends, your ex-colleagues, your business partners, previous stakeholders and let them know you are on the market.

As a recruiter I often get referrals from contractors that I placed and I am always happy to help them and often we find them a job as “good people refer good people”!


2. Job Posting website

Employment websites are very popular and you are probably already applying right now on Seek while reading this blog. There are many job posting websites around, some for specific industry too. So expand your search and don’t limit yourself to Seek.

One generalist job posting website I see growing and I advise you to check out is Indeed.Also, make sure to create an account on these job platform, upload an attractive CV so employers can contact you directly with job opportunities.

Please keep in mind that spending as much time as you can on producing a relevant and attracting resume is worth it. Tailoring your CV to the job you apply for is the key for success. I know it is very much time consuming and it is hard work, however believe me it will pay off! At time one job posting might attract 100 applicants so investing time on producing an attractive resume will increase your chances of getting an interview!

3. Social mediaimages-7

You don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet? Have a look at our blog about how to write a Linkedin profile that get results. Nowadays using Linkedin is a must and you can make the most of it as a job seeker.

Hiring managers are using Linkedin more and more to source candidates.  If you want to be found by prospective employers, make sure to have an updated and attractive Linkedin Profile.

As a IT recruiter, I constantly use this social media to source profiles. You can also use LinkedIn as a job platform. Jobs are advertised regularly on it.

Finally you can use this social media platform to contact a company directly that you are interested in and show your interest. I often get candidates making contact with me and expressing their interest to work as contractors in Government agencies, and it works out.

There are plenty of other social media such as Twitter, Facebook you can use too, I found Linkedin being the most relevant one.

4. Talk to Recruiters 

In this market, you need to register with a couple of recruitment agencies. Nowadays many hiring managers prefer to go to recruitment agencies to fill positions. In the government sectors, most of the contracts position go through recruitment agencies like us. It is important that you build a relationship with a few recruitment agencies who can help you find the right role for you.

Remember working with a recruitment agency is a partnership so if you find yourself working with one where there is no connection and who never call you about jobs, try another one. To choose which recruitment agency to work with ask around for advice and also have a look at this directory where you can find agencies by speciality and location.

5. Expression of interest

Last bimages-8ut not the least, approach a company directly.

Personally I have always found my jobs by EOI. The benefit is you are not competing as much as when applying for a job and not many candidates approach the company directly.  The cons are that is definitely time consuming as you need to research about the company, find the key contact and then write a tailor made letter and CV. With Linkedin around, it helps find who are the best people to contact.


There are many different avenues when looking for a new job. The key is to stay positive and be persistent! Don’t give up after getting a rejection email or being unsuccessful at a job interview, it is perfectly normal and part of the game!

“Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

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Leila Boubahlouli – IT Recruitment Consultant



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