Join us and raise money and awareness for Cancer Council


So call us crazy but we are always up for a challenge so when the chance to run a marathon right in Martin Place came up we couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

So we jumped in head first as they say and registered. We are aiming to raise $2000 to help fight against the cure for cancer but we cannot do it without your help.

Are you a runner?? Great. Join our team and run some of the marathon with us. We know we will need the break and would love to have some more people in our team.

Not much of a runner?? No worries. You can help us raise money and make a donation towards our goal. All donations go towards Cancer Council and the fight against cancer.

Are you free on the 18th March? Please come along and support us and cheer us on. The more people we have cheering the faster we will run and the closer that we will get to our target of 3 hours completion.

If you haven’t heard of Outrun Cancer they are a non-for-profit organisation that raises money for Cancer Council. Their aim is to not only raise much needed funds but also to change the mindset of people and encourage them to get healthier and therefore prevent cancer. The founder Luca set up Outrun Cancer initially as part of his fundraising attempts to run 20 marathons in 29 days. However the corporate challenge was born and has become an event in its own right. Luca’s Mum died of pancreatic cancer this is his way of “getting back at cancer” So together lets help him do just that.

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