IT careers in NSW Government – what are the benefits?

One of the biggest drivers for the IT labour market is the increased needs for the integration of new technologies into everyday business practices.

We’re finding a lot of our candidates and clients talking to us about the ‘Cloud’ being a particularly prominent piece of technology, used in a range of businesses and prized for its ability to store information securely online. Using the Cloud means that data can be accessed from anywhere, so organisations are able to utilise a geographically dispersed workforce and therefore have access to talent outside of their immediate location. IT professionals are central to a company’s ability to innovate, and the demand for skilled technology workers is often higher than the supply as a result.

The above trends can be seen across almost every industry that we work with and recruit for, including within one of our biggest clients – the NSW Government.

The NSW Government is the biggest employer in Australia, with just under 400,000 employees, and provides some of the most flexible and varied career choices available. NSW Government employees contribute directly to the wellbeing and productivity of the NSW community in a variety of areas, such as education, health, environment, justice, tourism, emergency services, transport and more.

Within these departments there are exciting opportunities for IT professionals at all stages of their career – from entry level jobs, through to specialist roles to managers and executives.

There are numerous benefits of working within IT for NSW Government and these benefits vary from person to person, here’s just a few:

  • Diversity

NSW Government is a workforce that values diversity and is a proud employer of a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and culture. The strength of the workforce lies in this diversity and embracing different talent right across the sector in a wide range of roles, and at all levels.

  • Progression and Career Development

There are many opportunities to advance and progress in your career within the NSW Government. They offer continual learning and development as a key part of your role opening up unparalleled opportunities for mobility and gaining more experience. Employees are encouraged to be proactive and update yourself according to market trends. This will enable you to grow according to your interests, ambitions and capabilities as new opportunities become available.

  • Investment in Technology

NSW Government plan to invest heavily on major ICT, cloud and digital projects. Investment in digital technologies is at the heart of innovation in service delivery and better management of assets The NSW Government has improved service quality and efficiency in various sectors through more connected infrastructure, and data and technology investment. They’re a progressive employer always looking for ways to improve and move forward with technology.

  • Work-life Balance

NSW Government is committed to working with staff to maintain work-life balance. Managing work and personal life responsibilities is one of the greatest challenges for people in workplace but with flexible working hours, leave arrangements and more benefits this is made possible.

  • Investment in Infrastructure

NSW has a long pipeline of investment already underway or in advanced planning as a result of previous plans. NSW is in infrastructure delivery for the long haul. As a result, the new strategy switches the focus from developing an infrastructure project pipeline to achieving sustainable growth in the NSW population and economy – aligning investment in infrastructure with the way we build our communities and achieve innovation in service delivery.

  • Involvement in Decision making

Employment within the NSW Government will give you the opportunity to be involved in business decisions that help improve the everyday life of the people of NSW while working in a dynamic environment that offers job satisfaction and a high level of commitment to social justice and equal access to all Government services.

  • Exciting and Varied Work

All departments within the NSW Government are undergoing transformation projects so your work will always be varied, interesting and you’ll always be face with new challenges and learning opportunities.

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