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Let’s face it getting into a government agency can seem more difficult than it actually it is. Recently, restructures have been hitting the public sector for the last few years and I have noticed that government employers consider more and more employees coming from the private sector. Don’t worry if you don’t have previous government agency experience as you still have opportunities.  Here are some avenues to look at if you are looking to get into a government agency:

  • Iworkforjobnsw

Government agencies advertise their permanent or fixed term contract jobs on their website called Iworkforjobnsw. The process to apply can be long as you are required to respond to targeted questions for each job you apply for and then you sometimes have to wait a few weeks before you get to the interview stage. Therefore patience will be your key to success…I personally found that as an individual you have some chance even thought at time you might be competing with internal employee or contractors who occupy the role they are advertising. What I have seen, in average you will get an outcome within 1-3 months from the time that you put in your application, so keep that in mind. Therefore an easier avenue may be contracting.

  • Contract work 

Contract work has many benefits. One of them that I have seen over the years, it is a great opportunity for people to get their foot in the door within Government. After working 5 years in this sector, I have seen many candidates without government experience getting a contract in the public sector. Besides, contracting within a government agency can also sometimes lead to permanent opportunities. If not that would open the door for you for other government roles. Moreover, when you go through contract, the recruitment process is quicker than for applying for a permanent job and you don’t have to respond to targeted questions. For your information, most contracts are managed by recruitment agencies.

  • Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies manage most of contract work for NSW State Government agency. So it is important than you build a relationship with recruitment agency who are on the panel to supply staff to State Government agency. We have been working with State Government for over 20 years so contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

  • Networking

Use your contacts, people you know who might be currently working in government. They will direct you as well to their favourite recruiter!  To conclude, getting into government is not as hard as you might think it is. If you have a great skills, can do attitude and positive work ethic you will get there.

Do you have a background and are interested to get into Government contract, contact us on 8257 0500 to talk to our specialised recruitment consultant or follow us on LinkedIn.

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