Guidelines to Effective Follow-Up After Interview

So you’ve just finished an interview for your dream role, working for your dream company and its only natural that you are anxious, excited and keen to know whether or not you have scored the job.

I have emphasized this before and I’ll say it again, following up with the company via email or phone call is a good thing. It shows you are proactive and that you have a good initiative. However, as a candidate you must keep in mind that over contacting (in other words ‘pestering’) can sometimes be detrimental to your chances of being selected.

In order to know how much is too much, there is a general rule of thumb that applies:

  • As the interview comes to a close, ask how long it will be until a decision is made. Then once that period has come and gone you can send email requesting to know whether you are still in the running.
  • Wait one full week from the day you send that e-mail for a response. If you don’t hear anything, send another e-mail and keep it short and polite. Let the company know how interested you are in the job.
  • Wait three more weeks and if you still have not heard from the company you can pick up the phone and try to find out if the job has been filled.
  • After that, it’s time to assume someone else has been hired for the position. However don’t be afraid to call back in two months to check how the new hire is working out and if they might be hiring in the future. Suprisingly enough, circling back can lead you to new job possibilities that haven’t yet been posted.

By following the above guidelines you will find a nice balance – you’re not pestering the company but you’re not giving up either.


Article written by Monique Gibara at Quay Appointments.

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