From Germany to Australia

After hSurf Campaving 12 years of school and another 3 years of university I got really desperate of theoretical knowledge and wanted to do something practically.

Since I always wanted to go to another country for a couple of months, I thought I could combine both of this.

I registered with an organization, which helped me to find an internship in Australia. I studied economics in my home country and was always interested in Human Resources, that’s why I asked them to find something in this sector.

Once I got the internship at Quay Appointments, I was really joyful, but then I recognized that I had many things to do. I had to get my Visa, bank account, flights, different insurances and had to visit doctors.  It was really strBeach daysessful, but at the end I had everything in time. The excitement was growing.

When I started the internship, everyone was really kind and told me to ask them if I have any questions. At the beginning I learned how the company works and which day-to-day tasks the consultants have. They showed me how to interview candidates face-to-face and by phone, how to review candidate’s resume, write and post job advertisements, complete reference checks and work with their internal system.

One thing I really like about the company is the great team – they stick together and everyone is friendly.  I even like the fact that they trust you when you are completing your work.

I think the knowledge I got here will help me with my future career. But not only the internship, even the fact that I’m abroad is a great experience and something that no one can take away from me. I would recommend it to everyone!

Meeting the locals
First day of work
Enjoying the nightlife

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