Become Friends with your Consultant

You registered for a recruitment company.

You smashed the interview process and the feedback was great.

The communication doesn’t stop there. It is important to keep the lines of communication open with your consultant. Make sure that you are at the forefront of their minds and you are the first person they think of when that important role comes in.

Call your consultant once a week and say “Hi, I am still looking” ask them if there is any work coming up that you may be suitable for. At Quay Appointments we offer our candidates complementary computer based training. Come in and complete a module, you will be improving yourself and getting yourself in front of your consultant again.

Link in with your consultant on LinkedIn. Follow Quay Appointments on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only do we post about the jobs that we have coming up we also post interesting articles that you may like and information that will be valuable to you.

In return for you being our friend we will be yours. Your recruitment consultant is busy 100% of the time trying to find you your next role. If we work together we can find you the perfect role for your next career move.

– Written by Deasha Waddup

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