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12938098_10153679570054794_7617169354549486757_nHere we are, 5 years later and I’ve decided to move. Back to Ireland. To say that the last 5 years working in Sydney, in recruitment with Quay Appointments have been incredible would be an understatement. Of course with any job there are up’s and down’s – thankfully in my case there have been a lot more positive experiences. Recruitment was new to me when I joined in October 2011. It was only new for a short time as I received excellent training and mentoring. I was very lucky to secure a position in a business that was prepared to take time out and train this new kid.

I started working as 2IC to Philip in the Accounting and Finance recruitment team with Quay Appointments. Philip provided me with excellent training and coaching. Still does to this day. Sitting beside someone who has years of experience in the industry gave me a fantastic insight as to how a successful desk ran, the hours it took and the customer service provided to our clients. Having gained a great insight into the day to day running’s of a successful desk I was given the opportunity to take on my own clients. The management here at Quay work with an open door policy. I knew having great support behind me was the start of something exciting.

Early mornings, late evenings, numerous interviews and clients meetings soon launched into a brand new experience. I was now responsible for what happened on my desk. The buck stopped with me. I now was the main contact across a number of clients and contractors. Soon the desk grew and I became more confident in my ability to take on more. Working in recruitment proved rewarding,  challenging but always rewarding, you are dealing with a number of different deadlines, client requests, contractors working for you and candidates looking for work.

Over the years at Quay I’ve worked across numerous client portfolios, projects and changes in the recruitment industry. I’ve always received top quality training, advice and mentoring. It was a tough decision to make, you work up and over 40 hours per week with your colleagues, you deal with difficult situations, you share the success stories as they know how things can change so quickly. It’s exciting! After 5 years I still enjoy it. I find myself very lucky in being able to say I love my job. The people, the culture, the support – all second to none.  

I have to say a special thadfs-gala-2015nk you to Winsome and Heidi – over the years and working on numerous projects and the guidance they have provided has been incredible.

What am I going to miss most about Quay?? My team or my friends? Both!  Winsome, Heidi, Philip, Leila and Jacqui to name a few have worked closely with me over the 5 years. You can’t put a price on the experiences you share with your team. Of course it’s going to be different in Ireland, it’s going to be a big shock to the system but I feel confident with the experience and knowledge I’ve had with Quay that I can tackle it..



Is mise le meas
Phelim O’Sullivan
Recruitment Consultant

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