Looking sharp and presentable is important when attending an interview, however the subtleties of colour in your attire is also fundemental.

Studies have shown that colors do trigger subconscious responses in humans so when entering for an interview, limit the use of colours as they can define you before you enter the interview

Black represents authority and a commanding attitude whereas Blue or Navy is recieved as a calm, stable, honest, and controlled personality.

Grey, being the neutral colour, is non-distracting and sophisticated.

Similarily White defines simplicity, cleanliness and precision.

Red, however, is powerful and intense and displays passion so only use sparingly.

Avoid accessorising in brightly coloured jewellery, shoes or ties, as they send the same message.

Co-ordinating a well balanced attire can be achieved, so keep these tips in mind!

Have a look at these videos by Elena Reed. She gives us some more tips on dressing right for an Interview!

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