Choosing The Right Job For You

Choosing the right job sounds very easy in theory, however, in reality it can be a long journey; just like a Cinderella story… I hope the following tips will assist in finding the perfect job for you.


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TIP Number 1:  Self-Awareness

Awareness in life is everything, the more you know about yourself, the easier everything will become; this also applies when you are looking for a job. Before you start your job search you need to be aware of; exactly what you want? What drives you? And what motivates you?

Picture in detail what the ‘right job’ for you looks like. Ask yourself, what will I need in my next job so that every day when I wake up I am happy at the idea of going to work?

Make a ‘dream job list’ and write down everything you are looking for, for instance, list all of the positions you will consider, your main transferable skills, ideal company values, environment and culture, career progression opportunity, type of Industry, company size, ideal salary etc.…

Once your list is complete, prioritise what is mandatory and what is optional. This will be a great guidance to follow from the initial stages of applying to the final stage of accepting the right offer for you.


TIP Number 2: Investigatepic 2

Now that you have made your dream job list and you know what you want, you have begun applying for positions and have been offered interviews. Your job is not over yet… you are only just getting started!

Prior to interview it is vital that you do your homework and make it your priority to find out as much information as you can about the prospective employer.

Do the usual: Look at the company’s entire website, google them (including Google news to find out the latest updates) and ask your network contacts.

Do the unusual: Source information from their previous or current staff FYI, websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor and Seek provide real employee reviews and rate the organisation accordingly so definitely check that out. Also utilise LinkedIn to check out the company structure, staff retention as well as their recommendations and connections. You could also dig as deep as to contact a previous staff member directly via LinkedIn to obtain an honest testimonial.


TIP Number 3: Ask the Right Questions

Once you have gathered all necessary information about your prospective employer, look back at your dream job list and see what you are missing in order to prepare your questions accordingly.

There are two main things to keep in mind: First, an interview is about selling yourself to the company but also an opportunity for you to assess if this is potentially somewhere you want to work. Secondly an interview is short, so make the most of it and ask the right questions.

Your questions should target your expectations from your ‘dream job list’. Ask open ended questions as much as you can to get more detailed answers. For example: How do you value your employees? What do you think I will enjoy the most working for your company? What do you think I will find most challenging? How would you describe the culture of your department? How do you reward high performers within your team? What are the main reasons of your staff leaving you? Etc.


pic 3TIP Number 4:  Trust Yourself

Last but by no means least…TRUST YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT!   Reflect back on your interview and analyse how you felt. Excited? Confident? Unsure? Uncomfortable? Also from the open ended questions you asked, how much do the answers match your dream job list? Trust you gut and listen to your little voice, from my experience it is always right!

Leila Boubahlouli




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