How can you make your LinkedIn profile appealing to hiring managers?



How can you make your LinkedIn profile appealing to hiring managers?


LinkedIn is a must when looking for job opportunities. There is no doubt about it anymore. Either you are an active or passive candidate, hence why I strongly recommend you make your LinkedIn Profile active.

What do I mean by that?

You should have a profile which can be found easily by a recruiter or hiring manager so you can be contacted about different roles and be aware of what is happening on the job market.

Having a profile picture and an overview of your resume won’t be enough unfortunately. In 2017, the total number of LinkedIn users stood at 467 million. What could you do in order to be found amongst the world’s largest professional network?


When sourcing for candidates, my search on LinkedIn will go by keywords so let’s say if I am looking for a business analyst who has experience working on Adobe captivate and has previous experience with government, I will use these keywords to search: Business Analyst + Adobe captivate + Government. This search will bring me a list of candidates who have all these keywords on their LinkedIn Profiles. Therefore it is very important that all your skills set are listed on your profile and make sure not to have any spelling mistakes.


 Your headline is very important as it will make me want to click on your profile to explore further or not.

Your headline should be a summary of your skill set using again relevant keywords.

If you are not in a job and looking for work immediately, why not let the prospect employer know: ‘’available immediately for Business analyst role or Specialist BA with captivate experience available’’ immediately for example.


Making connections is what LinkedIn is all about. Here it is how it works: the more connections you have the more chance you have to appear on a hiring manager/ recruiter search.

Simple rules, make sure you are connected to at least 500 people. The more connected you are to people the more chance you have to be viewed by relevant people.

It might take time to get those 500 connections, however make it a habit, every time you meet someone or talk to someone, take action and add them on LinkedIn.


Having a presence on LinkedIn is crucial.

The more active you are on your LinkedIn, the more visible you will be. Here are all the activities you can do to be visible across your connections: sharing posts, commenting on other posts, adding yourself to groups, following companies, writing and posting blogs etc.

See you on LinkedIn

Leila Boubahlouli, I.T Recruitment Consultant.


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